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The Guam Method

We provide treatments that can be integrated into your daily life.  We provide more than a product, ‘Our Method’ is a way to match your concerns and body’s needs with an effective treatment and be in harmony with it through what we call ‘lifestyle treatments’.

Look at our treatments and match your concerns with them. We have a the right solution for you.

Our ‘lifestyle treatments’ have been developed from over a decade of working directly with clients and therapists. From easy to adopt treatments, becoming part of your new normal to treatments suitable for the seasoned.

Ethically Hand Harvested

Traditional Methods.

Vegan. Organic. Eco-Friendly.

Purify From Inside Out

Anti-Cellulite and Immunity boosting treatment.

After more than 35 years of our anti-cellulite patented formula standing at the forefront of cellulite remedies, we are now redefining anti-cellulite treatments to not only target the root cause of skin degeneration but to also, strengthen your immune system.

This treatment includes scrubs, mud wraps, oils, bath salts and a detox drink each complementing one another, to tackle cellulite, promote cell regrowth and saturate the skin with antioxidants preventing skin degeneration.

Inimitable Innovation

Unique from the laboratories of Guam. Natural Organic Seaweed in its purest form, to combat Cellulite, encourage Slimming and reduce Water Retention.

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Le Corail Shower Gel

pre-requisite for a

complete Guam lifestyle

GUAM Algae and Red Alga Corallina officinalis.

Created to work in tandem with all treatments.

Algae Corallina trace element concentration is 200,000 times more than that of seawater to combat free radicals.

Hydrating, Remineralizing and Antioxidant Properties.

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Guam is unrivalled in its experience at bringing confidence to people through innovative uses of natural products that restore our bodies beauty.

We carefully design our treatments to work effectively overtime ensuring longlasting results, confidence and comfort with ourselves.

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Our Fangocrema creams, give you a pleasant “active tingling” sensation. Their application reduces skin imperfections caused by swelling and water retention. They reshape your silhouette.

*Shaping is cosmetic not equivalent to weight loss.


Hydrating Seaweed. From the sea into an organza veil bag.



Guam offers a range of clinically proven solutions to fit your lifestyle concerns.

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